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  • A picture of D-Day(Note the front soldier have a M1 garrand
  • A comic art of both the Russians and Nazis attacking Poland(Poland soldier in the middle)
  • A famous statue of American soldiers advancing and carrying the U.S. flag. Iwo Jima
  • Soldiers on landing crafts ready for landing in Normandy, D-Day.
  • American troops in Iwo Jima
  • German troops in Poland.One tossing a Potato masher

Howdy lads , welcome to my world war II wikia, here I hope you will find everything you want to find , like places , stories or even the weapons of world war II !!Some of the information here are unique, there are even real life stories which inclues soldiers, citizens, workers... But WWII isn't quite over yet, there are still leftovers, right? People found grenades and shells on mountains and seas, there are also shocking news about other WWII things.

I went to Canada last summer, know what I found, Sherman tanks!!!(Outside a museum of course) :p

Famous peopleEdit

There are many famous leaders in WWII, these are some of them. Some of them started the war but some end it. Here are just the leaders but the next one have people such as soldiers and citizens that are famous in WWII

  • Franklin D. Roosevelt, President of United States in WWII
  • Winston Churchill, Prime ministor of England in WWII
  • Adolf Hitler, Prime ministor of Germany in WWII
  • Benito Mussolini, head of Government of Italy in WWII
  • Hideki Tojo, General of Japanese army in WWII
  • Joseph Stalin, premier of the Soviet Union in WWII

What is WWII?Edit

World war II was a conflict mainly in Europe and Asia , the starter of this war was Adolf Hitler , chancellor of Germany and leader(Also called the Führer) of the National Socialism Party(Nazi) , he sworn to make Germany powerful again and shall distroy the ones who made them Germany surrender at the first world war. They captured and massacred loads of Jews and put them into consentration camps in Germany , the Jews had a hard time in there.Then after so many victories in Poland, France, Austria...Germany challenged England, but the British was more tough and their prime minister:Winston Churhill refused to surrender like other countries. Instead they returned fire on the Nazis. Soon the Nazis surrendered and Hitler commited sucide at his bunker in Berlin. In Asia, the Chinese, Malaysians, Koreans,e.t.c. suffered under the Japanese's rule over them, American dropped two atomic bombs in Japan and the Japanese surrendered.


Famous statue describing WWII at the island of Iwo Jima

Major events:


  • Utah beach
  • Omaha beach
  • Gold beach
  • Juno beach
  • Sword beach
  • Pointe Du Hoc
  • Sainte-Mere-Eglise
  • Pegasus bridge

2.Invasion over Poland

  • Warsaw
  • Whirlwind

3.Invasion over France

4.Pearl harbour

  • Cook Dorie Miller

5.Naking masscare

6.Atomic bomb over Japan

7.Iwo Jima

8.Crossing the Rhine

  • Remagen bridge
  • Karl Timmermann

News round up!!!Edit

Remains of U.S. Mariens found in Honolulu, Hawaii. 26th January, 2012

President Obama visits Pearl Harbor memorial. 30th December, 2011

WWII British and Japanese grenades found in Hong Kong. 23th December, 2011

Archives found of German's slauter in their retreat. 11th August, 2011

Who are they?Edit



Said that they wouldn't involve in another war, but when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbour, it leave them no choice...


Never give up, fight until the end with their glorius leader, Winston Churcill

Soviet Unions(After Germans betrayal)Edit

Betrayed by Hitler, Stalin have no choice but to cooperate with the British to fight back and have revenge.

France(Free France)Edit

They were betrayed by France and must fight back to put peace in France once again


Didn't gave up until the very last soul died, they were supported by the Americans but overpowerd by the Japs.


Fight with pride, but the British and France didn't aid them and was surrounded by both Nazis and Communists.


Joined in the fight for freedom and was an aid to the Britsih army on D-Day. Even the most peaceful ones can get very cruel.


Attacked by the Japs and fought them with all they have got left, resistence join in the fight too.


With the British they fought with the Japs many days, but even with the power of Gandhi, they were force to surrender.



Hitler was the leader of the wohle play, the people were supporting Hitler which gave him what he want. The Nazis mainly concentrate on Jews.


The leader, Mussolini have the similar background with Hitler, Hitler saw the chance and put him in and made the Axis power.

France(Vichy France)Edit

They believe staying on the German's side will give them peace and can rule France themselves, but they were wrong.

Soviet Unions(Before Germans betrayal)Edit

Stalin signed a treaty with Hitler to invade Poland, but Stalin didn't know how much Hitler hate communists...


They were once Germany but defeated in the first world war, but Germany wants it back and Hungary provides fuel for the Nazis.


The Spanish didn't join the Nazis, the Rebels did, there was a revelution when Hitler got power in Germany, Hitler supported the Rebels with planes and won.


It was Tojo's idea to join up because Hitler saw his progress over Asia.But the Japs were foolish enough to bomb the Americans.

Why is this wiki better?Edit

Well let's just say you guys can trust my wiki, because my wiki have true imformation and I update it very day. Other wikis have false imformation because they didn't even have proof, I am a good (Not a pro) historian myself though I am still a 14 years old boy but my imformation have proof and evedenice. My imformation came from websites, books and magazines, I asked adults first about the imformation before I post it so there are no worries! You might say other people can edit my wiki and give false imformation, and yes that is true but again I check the wiki every day and I have a back-up myself and if the imformation is false I will erase it and if some idiots deleted the imformation, I still have them! Any imformation or suggestions that are ture are welcome because I will keep them and maybe leave a comment too, so enjoy the wiki and I hope this wiki can help you with your work, projects or just knowledge.

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