A lot of people gets excited when they hear the word "weapons", but they might be a bit disappointed when they read the following.

This page mainly leads you guys to older World War II weapons, but the technology that time is not very good, so there are no red dots, only Iron sights. But if you want to know the best technology in WWII, well the Germans surely wins, because they are the first to make weapons like anti-tanks weapons and other superior weapons. But soon the Americans caught up and invented awesome weapons like atomic bombs. The British got some cool weapons but no as good as the Germans, most of the British weapons in WWII are rifles, there are very few rapid firing guns. The russians on the other hand have weapons like the Germans such as Stielhandgranate, also know as model 24 grande. The Japnese have weapons very similar to the Germans, but they have their own unique motars and rifles.
Bren gun iron sight

An iron sight of a Bren gun, also known as Type 99