Stanley Hollis--"The bravest on D-Day with two Victoria Cross"

Stanley Hollis, also known as Stan Holl was born at 21st September, 1912, he was in command of the Green Howards fighting towards Gold Beach, their mission was to destory the Nazi guns for the other troopers to advence upwards. When Hollis was at the bottom of the wall(The Atlantic Wall), he knew it will take a long time before they can kil anyone. Hollis was a bold man himself, so without thinking he charged up with a Sten taking out the first pillbox Hollis see first, he took 5 prisoners there and saw another one, he calls his mates to look over the Nazi POWs, he ran to the next one and took control of 8 more prisoners, his mates were shocked by his performance, by this he was award the first Victoria Cross.

Stanley Hollis memory stone Plate

Victoria Cross Medal without Bar

The Victoria Cross

Soon after Stanley's brave actions, the troopers can advence forward with no barriers or enemies ahead, when the Green Howard took the guns out, the commnder of the Gold Beach assualt ordered Hollis to search a farm house beside some abandon Nazi bunkers. He took two engineers inside to sabotage any Nazi weapons or machinaries. He clear the first floor, the second floor which is also the top floor found something very interesting: A little loney boy with fear in his eyes, when Hollis went to talk to the boy, one of his engineers toppled over!! There were Nazi sniper and troopers at the other building of the farm, one of them fired a Panzerschreck towards the barn's wall, covering the boy, his engineers were below the rubbles of the blown up wall. Hollis took the boy downstairs and found a safe place for him to hide. He ran back to the Gold Beach HQ and took a Bren gun (Type 99), the commander saw the explosion from the beach and asked what happened, Hollis explained and the commander told him to get the engineers out of there. He reached the barn and went upstairs, he reach for the engineer's hollis forgot the boy already and there of the soldiers rand back to HQ, this bravey had own him another Victoria Cross.

When the Gold beach was finally under control, the commander was surprised, so was Hollis himself--Stanely Hollis took 18 Nazi prisoners!! Some years after the war, Stanely went back to the farm house, he met the owner of the farm house, he was the boy Stanley safed in D-Day. When they met together, they greeted each other like long lost friends.