My grandfather--A man who live through the Japs.

It was 1938 when the Japanese came into China, the Chinese fought for their lifes, but they can't overcome the Japanese infantry, the Japs took fields, people and goods from China, the Japs took Chinese hostages then transported half of them to South China sea as slaves, my grandfather was one of them. He was told to dive down to the ocean without any oxgen mask and to take coral which will be sold by the Japs. He was only given bread and very little soup a day for only two meals!!!(Without lunch)They have to work for 15 hours a day and can only rest for 3 hours a day. In Japan, my grandfather had many adventures, once, a shark chased them and one of his friends were bite on the leg, but the Japs didn't help, they were just there laughing. Just a few weeks after they were caught, my grandfather was tired of working for the Japs. There were Jap guards out the door of the warehouse where my grandfather slept, he went closer to the door and while the guards weren't looking, he raced down to the bottom of the hill, suddenly sportlights shined on him and sirens sounded, when he turnded his head, 5 Jap guards were rushing down, he was terrifided but he knew that the guards haven't saw his face yet so he ran into some bushes and hid behind it, there were many bushes, he hid in a different one time the guards came closer, until the last bush, he knew he was trapped, he climbed up a tree and there he hid until the guards passed, he got down from it and made his way back to the warehouse where his friends were awoken by the siren took him in and closed all lights and went to sleep. The next day, grandpa was still there, but guards kept saying the same thing in Japanese, he and his friends watched as the guards were puzzled and studing the sence with no clue, they were are laughing.

1945, America dropped two atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. That morning, grandpa and his friends heard the news and were very happy and thanked America. When the day reaches afternoon, Jap guards flee from the area and grandpa and his friends got out and they were free, they traveled back to their home, on their way, grandpa saw a girl, the same age as him and he fell in love and they got marry and that little girl is now may grandma. This is the man who we called--The man who found love in war...