P08 Luger

The P08 Luger, German Pistol

P08 Luger, or Parabellum pistol, is a German made pistol in 1908. Usually used by the Nazis and in World War II. This pistol is now very rare, it is also rare in the war because not all of the soldiers carrys them around, the are usually equiped with Wather pistols. It has a liken to the Germans because of its rate of fire and accuarcy.

The Luger still exists these days, American soldiers might have them to say that they took the Nazis down. But you can still make one and it can be found in gun shops for movies.

Germans uses the Luger when they are out of weapon choices or last stands on the ground, sometimes it is used as prisoner executions. The Luger can be found in lot's of movies and games. The Luger works with a bolt on the top, a pull back of the bolt will make the gun work and also reloadable.