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U.S. marines bodies found in Japan crash siteEdit

Jan, 26, 2012

President Obama visits Pearl Harbor memorialEdit


President Obama visits Pearl Harbor memorial.

Friday, Dec, 30, 2011

U.S. President Barack Obama and his family went to Hawaii to spend their Chirstmas holidays.

It was the same month in 1941 when Japanese bombers took off from Japanese ship towards Hawaii to bomb Pearl Harbor. The soldiers on board were caught by surprise and had no where to go but to jump overboard.

The soldiers died in the day of Pearl Harbour's attack were put in a memorial musceum in Hawaii, Pearl Harbour. President Barrack Obama went to the musceum instead of spending his holidays in Hawaii.

WWII British and Japanses grenades found in Hong Kong.Edit

British M36 and japan type 91 grenades

British M36 grenade and Japan Type 91 grenade

Trail Grenades blown upEdit

Friday, Dec, 23, 2011

Police received a report on Tuesday that what appeared to be a grenade was found at an area known as The Twins, on the Wilson Trail, between Stanley and Repulse Bay. Officers cordoned off the area the same day before exploding them around 1pm yesterday.

Senior bomb disposal officer Jimmy Yuen Hon-wing said two were British- made M36s and five Japan-made Type 91s.

"There were still explosives inside, yellow explosives," he said. "They were launched a long time ago. Somehow they did not explode. If you just leave them there it won't be any problem. They can be there [without exploding] for 30 to 40 more years."

He said there were about 65 grams of explosives in each grenade but the detonators did not work, though given a hard knock they could explode, injuring anyone within three meters.

The grenades, covered with mud, were found five to 13 meters from the trail.

A US banker, who found them, also told police that he has twice in the past couple of days found pieces of military equipment, such as grenade pins, left over from World War II.

Yuen said Japanese troops fought against the British and Canadians at The Twins during the Winter Solstice of 1941. It was one of the fiercest battles before the Allied troops surrendered.

He called on anyone who finds bombs or grenades to call the police immediately.

On Tuesday, police detonated a mortar shell on St Stephen's Beach in Stanley that was fired during a military exercise in the colonial era.

The shell was in five meters of water about 20 meters from the shore. Up to 20 police divers searched for the device. The 30-centimeter shell was made in Britain in the 1980s.

The Standard, Phila Siu