M2 Flamethrower

An American soldier with a M2 Flamethrower

The most frightening weapon of all times: M2 Flamethrower. Wield by the American soldiers, is a men back-carry flamethrower that alows 2 meters long flame range and will light a whole bunker high up whithin 1 minute.

Older versions of the M2 Flamethrower are M1 and M1A1 flamethrower. This weapon is known around the world, from Aisa to Europe. This deadly weapon is used in many battles such as the Pacific wars and D-Day, it was mainly used to alight bunkers and tanks so that the soldiers don't need to search them and make them come out. This weapon is very cruel as it will make a victim suffer and dies. This weapon is later replaced by Flamethrower tanks such as the crocodile or it is later developed into a better weapon. Flamethrowers are later used in the Vitnam wars and other wars.


American Soldier using the M2 flamethrower in the Pacific

The M2 Flamethrower is a weapon listed in the "Evil" weapon list but it is also a nightmare to American soldiers, as the experiences in D-Day, Flamerthrower carriers carry two tanks of gas and when a bullet shoots though it the tanks explodes and making a large explosion.

The structure of M2 Flamethrower is made up with two tanks of fuel gas and a tube conneting to it and a "gun" to let the fire out of it tube.

thumb|right|300px| A rich Russian using a M2 Flamethower.