Polish army, marching

Polish army marching

Invasion over PolandEdit

Poland was the first place to be invaded by a battle in World War II. On 1st September, 1939, the Nazis signed a treaty with Russia and together they invaded Poland. The Russians invaded Poland from the east while Germany invaded west, the Poland soldiers are no match for the Russians and the Germans because their weapons weren't effective and the soldiers weren't enough. The Polish were forced to surrender after four weeks fighting. German bombing raids bombed Warsaw while the Russians massacred thousands of Polish soldiers and burried them in mass graves in Katyn. The Russians were cruel to the Polanders, they burried the Polanders alive in mass graves, some were shot and some were tortured. When Germany attacked Poland, the French and British finally declared war on Germany.There were loads of soldiers in Poland, there were AKs, Home guards...I know someone that his grandpa was a Homeguard in Poland, his name is Stanisław Dąbrowski, he is still alive today and very lucky to survive.

APH Poland WWII by YoGurei

A cartoon of both the Nazis and Soviets attacking Poland, leaving them no choices.