Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler's life

In this article, you will find out about Adolf Hitler's life and the reason for his hatred for Jews and gypies. Well, I have read his life before, and for my own oppinients, I think his life is quite sad and I understand the reason for his hatred.

Hitler's childhood.Edit

20th April, 1889 was the birth-day of Adolf Hitler, he was born in a small town of Braunau at the border between Austria and Germany. Adolf's father, Alois Hitler was a loyal Austrian border customs officer. Adolf's father might be half Austrian so Hitler might be mixed with Jews and Dutch. His mother, Klara Hitler, she gave birth to Adolf, Edmund, Adolf's younger brother in 1894 and Paula, Adolf's little sister born in 1896. The Hitler family was completed with Adolf's aunt, Johanna. Hitler loved arts shows, operas and concerts. Alois retired in 1895 after 40 years of the loyal service to the Austrian Hungarian Empire. Adolf's results at school was very bad and by 1990, Adolf finished primary school with a tight result, also his younger brother, Edmund died of meales was a very hard news for the Hitler family. Adolf's results at high school was a big knock out, but his results at arts and music scored very high marks, Alois was not pleased wih his son's results and he sometimes beat him too. In Adolf's diary called "Mein Kampf" meaning "My struggle" he wrote about his life. Soon Adolf's father died in an local inn, he was very old back then, he was drunk and suddenly he fell on to the table and lies dead on 3rd January, 1903. Hitler later left his home and tried to live in Vienna and tried to get into an art school but failed both tests and he stayed in Vienna. Soon he recived news that his mother have breast cancer. When Hitler dashed back, he saw his mother is dead, he cries beside his mother as the doctor watches him "The love bewteen mother and son" as the doc note them. Soon Hitler met a friend call August. They sometimes go to art shows and museums but soon Hitler ran out of money and had to live in a small apperment. When world war I broke out, Hitler joined the army for money and serving his father land "This was his wish from his childhood". In the field, he was usually a runner or rifle man, he was a private. His comrade compliment him as the best runner in the world. Soon he was shot in the leg and had to stay in a hospital but his situation was worse and he had to stay in Germany for a few weeks. In Germany, Hitler saw the streets full of Jews, they sell and do German jobs and they also made parties containing German festivials, but the Jews messed around with the German culture and that made Hitler angry. Soon Hitler went back to the field and soon the war ended with a "betrayal". In the years after WWI, Hitler made a small group called the "German worker's party", and it made a lot of people wanting to join it and soon Hitler made movements such as the beer hall. Soon Hitler's party was in the vote for the party voting and he got the most votes, he was also made the chancellor of Germany. Then Hitler have a very big power suddenly. He ordered soldiers to march into Austria and soon Hunguary. The French and British were fruious about Hilter's movements. Soon, Hitler named his party as Nationalsozialismus (Nazis). He got money from funds and bought weapons and other planes and artillary and joint powers with Stalin's communists. Together they invaded Poland, when French heard that, they promoised they would attack Germnay for that but it never happened. When Hitler saw nothing happened, he went further then Poland: Denmark, Holland, Belgium... Soon they made plans for French too.

Adolf Hitler as kid

Adolf Hitler as a primary student (Notice his hair is already turing a bit like his adult hair style)

One day, he went to a grocery store and kept starring at a woman's legs. When he left, the man who talked to Hitler talked to the Woman about the man just came in and the woman is Eva Buarn, Hitler's future wife. He some times goes out to eat alone but sometimes he had gurads accompanying him. A night, he was having dinner, when the waiter serves him a piece of ham, a kind of disgust flows though his mind and making him believe in something bad about ham. And from that night on, he started to be a vegetarian. Sometimes he visited the grocery store and tried to flirt Eva, soon, they married and were a wield couple. After his marriage, he named his dog Blondi who was with him from his WWI battles. Months after months, his Nazi is ready for the French invasion, they marched in and didn't even fired a shot in the streets, in the villages, the police just stepped aside and let them pass. Inside Paris, they shot any one in their way and took the Eiffel tower under their control, soon French was under Hitler's control as the French surrendered. The British swore revenge for France but it never happened. Hitler called this "The sitting war" as the Americans called it "The phony war". When Hitler developed V-2 rockets, he tested them on England soil.

Adolf hitler in paris 1940

Adolf Hitler infront of the Eiffel tower, a favorite landmark of Hitler. (Left) With his favorite architect Albert Spear.

Soon Hitler broke up relationships with Stalin and have Italy and Japan as allies. When the British warned Stalin about Hitler's betrayal, Stalin didn't believe them because their firendship were so close but when it really happens, Stalin wasn't well prepred for it... Adolf Hitler made a wrong decision to turn against the Russians. The environment wasn't steady, sometimes it snows, sometimes it rains but it is always cold. The Germans weren't perpared and soon their tanks were down and in Moscow they were tricked by a Soviet trap. When Hitler got the news of the failure in Russia, he didn't ask them to retreat, instead he ordered them to keep fighting and not giving up. Soon an Anti-Nazi group plan up to put a bomb under the table of a conference room Hitler's going to be in when there is a conference. But the bombing only wound and made Hitler sick. Soon the Nazis were overwhelmed and the Allies landed on Normandy beach, France on D-Day and soon the Russians came into Berlin. Hitler, who was in his Berlin bunker hideout knew it was desperate for the Nazis, (I don't know if this is true) he killed himself in a room with a luger with his wife. After the Russians foudn the bunker, they found Hitler's body.

Years later, scientists found out that the body wasn't Hitler's, it is a bodyguard of Hitler trying to help Hitler escape. People said he went to Bacelona with proof of the air plane's record, other says he went to Atlantic. Other guess are stupid and some movies says he went underground (Is it possible???)

Adolf Hitler, leader of both the Nazi and Germany, a leader who dare to do something no one in the history dares to, a both smart and stubborn man, a bold and cruel man. A man, who died but became today's history and today's lesson. Adolf Hitler, 1933-1945