What's up everybody, this page is no ordinary page o'right. Here I am going to introduce myself, I am Rex Yiu, the guys call me Rex but I like people calling me Rage Rex, because that is like a call-sign. I live in Hong Kong, no communist or Nazis but I myself is intrested in World War II, so I was thinking, I know so much why don't I share it with the others? So here I am writing a wiki about WWII. Right, back to the introduction. I am 14, no G.F. (I don't think so :p) You guys would see the pic of me later because I am choosing the best so you guys would show me some respect!! (This is no GTA)

I think WWII taught us so many stuffs so we should read and learn about it, I am also working on other things like comics about world war II and the people who join this wiki will get to read it frist, hope you guys like it because if you don't I am gonna us a MG 42 to kill ya!!

I have other hobbys too, I like drawing and playing (Not play but design) LEGOs. I like Star Wars too and I also like othe action movies like Indiana Jones. I like the movie "Band of brothers" and "Pacific", I rate "Saving Private Ryan" very low because I don't really like it. What inspired me to like drawing is the famous Belgian comic strip: Tin Tin, I use to really like them, I do too now actually. I hope you guys get to know me more, I do game lets plays too!!!

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